LABONE SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED was established in 2012 with the head office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Currently, we are a manufacturer of Scientific Instrument; Chemical, reagents and test kits for Molecular Biology; Laboratory furniture; Cleanroom equipment and instruments; Blood collection tubes and Medium for Collection, Transport, and Preservation Sample Cell culture medium; Ready-to-use microbial culture medium.

LABone has now developed and owned 7 brandnames including: (1) HUYlab, (2) LabNova, (3) Tecra, (4) LabCollect, (5) LabCell, (6) BacterLab, (7) KingLab

Why have we owned 7 brands? Due to our orientation, we need to specialize in R&D, production system and after-sales service for each field.

>> HUYlab(www.huylab.com): Laboratory furniture; Biological safety cabinet – Class I, II and III; Fume hood; Vertical/ horizontal laminar flow Cabinet; Chemical storage cabinets; Flammable safety cabinets; Acid storage cabinets; anti-vibration scale table; Safety cabinet for weighing powder samples; etc.

>> LabNova(www.labnova.vn): Chemical, Reagent and Test Kits for Molecular Biology such as: Master Mix; DNA/RNA extraction kits with magnetic beads and Spin column which is suitable for both Manual and Automatic extraction machine; Plasmid DNA extraction kit; qPCR detection kits such as: African swine fever virus (ASFV), Covid-19, Salmonella spp, Listeria Monocytogenes, Listeria spp, etc. and other chemical such as TE, TAE, Tris, etc.

>> Tecra(www.tecra.com.vn): Cleanroom equipment: Air Shower, FFU, AHU, Passbox, Clean Bench, Clean Booth, LAF, Isolator Cabinet/chamber, etc.; Cleanroom module; Doors for cleanroom; Cleanroom furniture and Cleanroom Tables.

>> LabCollect(www.labcollect.vn): Vacuum and Non-Vacuum blood collection tube; Medium for Collection, Transport, and Preservation Sample; Sampling collection cotton swab…

>> LabCell(www.labcell.vn): Cell culture medium such as: BME, MEM, DMEM, GMEM, HAM’S,…Other buffers: DPBS, PBS, EBSS, HBSS – HANKS’, HEPES,… Our tailored and convenient cell culture medium types have a variety of formats, formulations and sizes. Furthermore, adhering the manufacturing principles plays as a vital role for customer beliefs in our products.

>> BacterLab(www.bacterlab.vn): Ready-to-use microbiological media for food analysis and clinical diagnosis. BacterLab products meet the requirements of microbiological growth, development and metabolism process.

>> KingLab(www.KingLab.vn): Scientific equipment used for the laboratory such as: Lab Blender_Homogenization Microbiological Sample; Peristaltic Pump Dispensing for liquid and Agar ; Gravimetric dilutor; Automatic Filling Liquid and Agar for Tube, Bottle and Microwell; Automatic microbiological inoculation; automatic colony counter; Automatic Agar plate Filling and Automatic DNA/RNA extraction machine, etc.


LABone factory with an area of ​​more than 3,500m2(sqm) is equipped with synchronous production equipment and modern R&D Laboratory. LABone operates an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality management system.


LABone defines our mission with the motto “Where there is a Lab – there we are”. With the desire to help customers access the most modern technologies in the world, enhance the efficiency of scientific research and production capabilities. Hence, customers only need to concentrate in research project, improve production efficiency for company and increase product sales. Additionally, our vision is contributing to stimulate the domestic science and bringing Vietnamese products to the international markets.


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Address: 228/13/3 Nguyen Thi Lang Street, Tan Phu Trung Commune, Cu Chi District, HCMC, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0919 990 267

Email: info@labone.vn

Website: www.labone.vn