Are laboratory furnitrure by steel a new design trend?

The laboratory is a place to test products quality, research and develop,  clinical diagnostic and Analyzer. So the laboratory is very important. Therefore, the laboratory is a comfortable place with open space, neatly and scientifically arranged chemicals and supplies. And everyone needs aesthetic beauty to avoid boredom and want to go to the lab to work. Therefore, to design a professional laboratory, it is necessary to have a professional manufacturer to create a product with full functionality, utility, convenience, safety and for it to become a place that wants to be attached and not boring. With the characteristics of a laboratory containing many flammable and explosive chemicals and solvents, a material that can ensure this is needed, steel material is the most suitable.

The advantages of Steel for laboratory furniture are as follows:

– Durability: Steel is almost indestructible, laboratory furniture made of steel has a very long life.

– Resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, humidity, steam, water and acids, such as food acids, organic and inorganic acids – in addition, in the following cases: the steel is capable of Fire protection.

– Hygiene: Steel laboratories are very hygienic, easy to clean and decontaminate.

– Recyclable: Steel is 100% recyclable. At every stage of recycling, the material’s properties are retained while maintaining the same quality.

– Sustainability: due to the ability to be recycled many times. Steel can be recycled over many life cycles, saving 50% of the original CO2 emissions.

For the most common and popular types of industrial wood used today, such as MFC, MDF,… wood pulp is used mixed with glues, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial chemicals such as Formaldehyde and uses If used for a long time, it will affect human health. Poor moisture resistance and long-term use will cause the cotton to peel off immediately at the glued edges. Especially, it is not fireproof but can also be flammable and explosive. In addition, it is not recycled after use and has a poor lifespan, but the price is cheap and the designs are diverse.

The laboratory is set up for a long time, so the quality of products used plays a decisive role in choosing materials for the laboratory Furniture.

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