HUYlab | Laboratory Furniture

Depending on the usage and storage needs of our customers in laboratory working conditions, HUYlab provides a system of laboratory furniture, storage cabinets, H-frame, C-frame or O-frame, as well as mobile versions with wheels. HUYlab workbenches are also available in a variety of materials.

LABORATORY BENCHES | Benchs: island benchs, wall benchs

Laboratory benches are important equipment in a laboratory. There are two main types of laboratory benches: center laboratory benches and wall-mounted laboratory benches. Both types of laboratory benches have flexible designs and can be customized to meet specific requirements of the laboratory. Island benches and wall benches are both safe and convenient, making them popular choices for modern laboratories.

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LABORATORY CABINETS | Cabinets: underbenchs cabinets, suspended laboratory underbench cabinets, Suspended cabinets, Laboratory underbench cabinets on castors, underbench cabinets for fume hoods, Tall cabinets.

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LABORATORY SINKS | Underbench cabinets for sinks: Sinks cabinet for wall benchs, sinks cabinet for island benchs, sinks cabinet on castor,sinks cabinet for corner benchs

The laboratory sink cabinet is an important part of the laboratory, used for washing and cleaning laboratory equipment and materials. The sink cabinet is usually placed under the sink and connected to a drainage system to collect and treat waste.

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BENCH FRAMES | Frames: Frame type H, Frame type C, Frame type C1, Frame type O, Cabinet frame, frame on castors

LABone provides a variety of laboratory bench frame types that meet customers’ needs. The laboratory bench frames from LABone are made of high-quality, sturdy and durable materials.

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BALANCE TABLES | Balance Tables: Anti-vibration weighing table, powder sample weighing table

The HUYlab anti-vibration weighing table is designed to minimize the impact of vibration on the accuracy of the scale, especially in environments with a lot of vibrations such as schools, research institutes, or manufacturing plants. This product can be used for different types of scales, such as analytical scales, precision scales, or electronic scales.

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SAFETY STORAGE CABINET | Safe Storage Cabinets: Chemical storage cabinets, flammable safety cabinet.

A safety storage cabinet, also known as a chemical storage cabinet, is an essential part of a safe and efficient laboratory. They are designed to safely store hazardous chemicals, flammable and explosive substances, and corrosive materials. In the laboratory, the proper use of safety storage cabinets is extremely important to protect the health of workers and to safeguard property.

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LABORATORY FUME HOODS | Fume Hood: Fume hood, Ductess fume hood with carbon filter

‘HUYlab fume hood is designed to minimize risks and protect the health of personnel in the laboratory. This device is capable of sucking and removing harmful substances, ensuring that the air in the laboratory is always safe for human health.

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WORKTOPS FOR LABORATORY BENCHES | Work-top for laboratory furniture: laminate, laminate with chemical-resistant surface, melamine, granite, epoxy, ceramic, solid surface, 304 and 316 stainless steel

The worktop of laboratory furniture is a very important component and is given great attention by LABone for durability, safety, and utility. With outstanding features and professional design, LABone worktops will meet all the needs of customers in laboratory settings

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ADAPTABLE SYSTEMS | Support systems: laboratory bench top shelves, ceiling-mounted electrical boxes

LABone provides utilities to optimize the working process in the laboratory. The utility system of LABone includes ceiling-mounted devices and shelves on the laboratory bench to enhance workspace and storage.

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ACCESSORIES | Faucet,gas valve, air valve, emergency eye wash station

Accessories are one of the products that are focused on and developed to meet the needs of customers.

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